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Quote of the Month: "You might have taken control over my mind and my body, but there is one thing that a saiyan always keeps. HIS PRIDE!!"
Vegeta, Buu Saga.

DRAGONBALL GT - Good news for all you dragonball fans, dragonball gt is coming out in 2004 and a first few of the videos are already on sale at dbzstore. You can check out the new site here. It is sad that the dragonball series is coming to an end but all things must pass, not even the dragonball series can last forever. Don't miss the last few episodes of dragonball Z, they are truly some of the masterpieces of Akira Toriyama. Also the Dragonball Live Action Movie is coming out soon. I won't be expecting much from it because it's not a cartoon like the series so it won't be anything close to the real thing.

(12/05/04) - Sorry guys, been busy with college and other stuff. I'll be back this christmas with updates on the english version of the show. Till then. bye.
(6/23/03) - Tripod cut down the space that it's members can use so most of the multimedia in here is gone. I will probably take out the things that do not work.
(03/30/03)- I am glad I finally got to update this site. Most of the videos don't work because tripod now decided to allot only 30MB free instead of 50MB. I don't think I will be able to update frequently anymore because of time concerns and if you are a db fan you can realise that all dragonball sites are the same. If one site has a new idea, the rest of the sites copy the idea. There is no more originality. Because nobody goes to the sites anymore, everyone has an anime babes section or a hentai section. Dragonaball is supposed to be for little kids and teenagers. They have turned from Dragonball sites to porn sites and the only safe site to go is dragonball,z,
(02/22/02)- It's been a long time since I've heard from you. I've completed most of what I dreamed of when I first started HTML. So I want to know what you guys think about my work. Please send me all your feedback here. I would love to hear from you. Also I am proud to say that I have raised to RANK #1 in Saiyan-jin Fusion Top 50. It will pop up when you leave this web page.
(02/08/02)- NEED A NEW HOST!! This site is eating up all the bandwidth available to me. So if you host with unlimited bandwidth and space contact me. I fixed some of the errors.
(01/16/01)- While checking the site I've found out that movies are down. I need a new media host, if you are one please email me. Last but not least I changed the button again and added a banner, this one looks better.
(01/15/02)- My site had been removed from tripod till now by mistake. I want to thank Bryan, a tripod employee I believe, for restoring my site. It feels great to be back.
(01/07/02)- Just a small update, I've moved the video to the theater section. Thought it would be a really neat idea.
(01/06/02)- 3 clips and a music video have been added in the theater section. All very cool and small. If you know a free host that offers a lot more bandwidth than 1 GB, please email me. I've also opened a Episode list section and wrote a new quote.
(12/31/01)- Another section in the multimedia category has been opened. Its the screenshots section. I just took some still from my dvd and some music videos and edited them in fireworks so they are all png files. Forgot to notify you that I've changed the search engine to google in the search section.
(12/28/01)- Levels section has been added. Right now only Saiyan levels are available, the rest will come soon. I will also add pictures for each level.
(12/21/01)- The poll is going well so far thanks to all of you who visit this site. This site also has a forum, chat and feedback section for interactivity. If you could, please let me know what you think about this site so far.
(12/20/01)- I've deleted the old updates and made a new banner. If you still see the old one click refresh until you see it. Since the Holidays have started I will be updating rapidly. So keep coming back. One more thing: If you could take a minute and SIGN MY GUESTBOOK. OR SEND ME FEEDBACK I would be more than happy.
(12/15/01)- A MAJOR UPDATE. The flashgames section has been updated with many cool movies. Also I've done the Power Levels, Sagas, Cels and Theater sections. ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!
(12/09/01)- I've just heard Cooler's Revenge is coming out next year on January 22, 2002. I hope funimation does not mess it up like it did to Lord Slug. Click here to check it out DBZ Store. Also I cannot upload any clips, as soon as is get it I will put them up.

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