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This was the beginning of Dragon Ball Z. We first saw someone leaping from tree to tree in the forest. It was Son Goku, getting wood (actually a whole tree) for his wife, Chi-Chi, to cook. Chi-Chi asked Goku where Gohan was. Goku did not know so he went searching for him. Meanwhile, a circular spaceship crashed onto Earth. A curious farmer looked for the space pod. As the pod opened up, a large stranger, with an appearance similar to Goku but with more hair and strength, emerged. The scared farmer took his gun and shot him, but the alien reflected the bullet back at the farmer, killing him. The alien flew and shouted out, "KAKAROTTO!!!" A little child with a strange hat that held the 4-star dragon ball was lost in the forest. Meet Son Gohan, Goku's son. After meeting a tiger/puma, who later became his friend, he finally fell down a river on a log, shouting "DAD." Goku finally heard his screams and saved him. Goku and Gohan flew to Kame-House to meet Kuririn, Kamesennin, Bulma, and the Turtle. Suddenly, the alien arrived. He told Goku he was his brother and told him his Saiya-jin origin. (Note: A previous head injury caused Goku to lost his Saiya-jin memory.) The alien, Raditz, told him to bring 100 dead bodies by the next day or Gohan would be lost to him. Piccolo arrived suddenly, told him of his encounter with Raditz, and agreed to team up with him. Because Raditz was very strong, they would have to fight together to win. Goku and Piccolo finally found Raditz, and the battle had begun. During the battle, Piccolo lost a limb, and Goku was seriously injured. An enraged Gohan broke out of Raditz's spacepod, which he was trapped in, and attacked Raditz. During Raditz's weaken state, Goku was able to hold him until Piccolo executed his secret attack, "MAKANKOUSAPPO." Both Raditz and Goku was killed by the sudden attack. Before Raditz died, he told Piccolo that two stronger Saiya-jins will arrive in one year. Piccolo took Gohan to train with him because he knew that Gohan had great power. Goku was now in heaven. He was allowed to travel through Serpent Road to Kaiou's planet to train, but he would go to HELL if he fell off. After running continuously, he got tired but was able to get a ride from a guy that was cleaning Snake Way. When the driver/cleaner was sleeping, Goku fell from the car to HELL. In order to reenter Snake Way, Goku raced two ogres. When he successfully left HELL, he had to run through Snake Way all over again but was able to regain his strength with an King Yamma's apple. After escaping from Princess Snake, he finally reached Kaiou's planet. Piccolo left Gohan in a desert alone for six months for survival training. Piccolo later returned and started training him. On Kaiou's planet, Goku learned to live under a gravity ten times stronger than Earth's and also learned the Kaioken and Genki-Dama's techniques. (Note: The Genki Dama drew ki energy from everybody on Earth and even the universe. It had been effective many times for Goku during combats.) Kuririn, Tenshinhan, Yamcha, and Chaozu trained with Kami-sama throughout the year. The Saiya-jins finally arrived, destroyed a city, and found Gohan and Piccolo. They wanted to kill Raditz's murderers and to get the dragon balls to wish for immortality. Yamchu got killed when one of Nappa's Saiba-men self-destructed. Chaozu and Tien sacrificed their lives to kill Nappa but failed. Piccolo died defending Gohan, a very emotional scene. During the moment, Goku was wished back by the dragon balls and ran rapidly through Snake Way back to Earth. Luckily, Goku finally arrived to save Gohan and Kuririn by using Kaioken. Vegeta became angry of Nappa's attempts to kill Goku and shouted "SHI NE," destroying him. The battle between Goku and Vegeta began. Vegeta gained an advantage by creating an artificial moon and transformed into Oozaru form but lost his ability when Yajirobe cowardly cut off his tail with a sword. (Note: The tail allows a Saiya-jin to transform into a giant monkey called Oozaru when a full moon appears. The transformation will be reversed if either the moon disappears or the tail is cut.) Goku was seriously injured while fighting Vegeta and handed his Genki Dama to Kuririn, who then weakened Vegeta with it. Finally, Gohan turned into Oozaru and started beating up Vegeta. With his last amount of strength, Vegeta escaped back in his spacepod. Bulma and the others arrived to pick up Goku, Kuririn, Gohan, and the bodies of their dead companions. Because of Piccolo's death, Kami also died unfortunately. Without Kami, the dragon balls were not able to exist. Kuririn stated that he heard Vegeta saying that Piccolo came from the planet Namek. By using Kami's spaceship, Bulma, Kuririn, and Gohan traveled to Namek, hoping that there would be more powerful dragon balls to revive their friends.