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The battle with Vegeta and Nappa was finally over, but Kuririn, Bulma, and Gohan must now go to Planet Namek, Piccolo's and Kami's home planet, to obtain another set of dragon balls to wish their allies back. Goku was injured from the battle and was uncapable to go, but Kuririn, Bulma, and Gohan were able to obtain the spaceship Kami used to arrive to Earth. The journey was two months long and was filled with dangers, including the Space Ark Children, Raachi and Zaakro (with their abilities to create illusions), and finally Freeza! Freeza was the most powerful being in the universe, who had to undergo throught four forms to achieve his real power. After listening to the message from the dying Radditz in the Vegeta Saga, he learned about the dragon balls and decided to pursue them himself to gain immortality. After being healed by a senzu bean, Goku set off for Namek in a specially designed spaceship, training hard in 100 times gravity. Meanwhile, Piccolo, Yamcha, Tien, and Chaozu served as Kaiou's pupils. Vegeta was also healed and stronger than ever, heading for Namek for the dragon balls and the hatred for Goku in his black heart. Vegeta was able to kill Dodoria, Kiwi, and Zarbon, becoming stronger after every battle. Freeza killed all the Namekians except Nail, Dende, and Saichoro while Vegeta captured all the seven dragon balls (with six from Freeza and one from Kuririn, Bulma, and Bulma). As a desperate measure, Freeza summoned Team Ginew, a team of five strong fighters. Even with their ki increased by Saichoro and with Vegeta assisting them, Kuririn and Gohan were losing to the Ginew Team, allowing them to take the dragon balls to Freeza. Freeza was unable to activate the dragon balls and flew to Saichoro to seek out the answer. Luckily, Goku arrived to defeat Recoom, Recoom, and Jess, allowing Vegeta to kill them, including Guldo. Vegeta wondered if Goku was the legendary Super Saiya-jin. Ginew knew he could not surpass Goku's power so he switched bodies with Goku. The battle concluded with Goku returning to his own body and Ginew trapped in a frog's body. Gohan, Kuririn, and Dende were able to obtain the dragon balls from Freeza to revive Piccolo and to bring him to Namek. (Note: Unlike Shen-long, Porunga could grant the user three wishes.) Freeza killed Saichoro and injured Nail, interrupting Porunga from granting the third wish (which was to grant Vegeta immortality). An angered Freeza hurted Kuririn and Gohan, but Dende had the ability to heal them. Freeza tranformed into his second form, but Piccolo merged with Nail and started beating Freeza. Freeza transfomed to his third form while Goku was recovering in Freeza's ship from the battle with Ginew. After undergoing his transformation to his fourth and final form, Freeza killed Vegeta for stating about the Super Saiya-jin to Goku. (Note: Freeza feared the Super Saiya-jin legend.) Goku executed a Genki Dama desperately at Freeza, but an injured Freeza killed Kuririn out of rage. This triggered the anger Goku to transform to a Super Saiya-jin. An intense battle has developed, risking the destruction of Namek. Super Saiya-jin Goku was defeating Freeza, becoming stronger every minute. With his last strength, Freeza triggered the planet to blow up in five minutes and threw Kienzan-like fireballs at him but accidentally got cut in the process. Goku gave Freeza some of his energy to save his live and to fight more but had to kill him rapidly and escape. Goku tried to start Freeza's spaceship but failed as the planet exploded. Bulma, Piccolo, Gohan, Vegeta, and the Namekians traveled back to earth with the Namek dragon balls. (Note: The Namekians were revived with the Earth dragon balls. Porunga revived Kuririn but was unable to revive Goku. It seemed that Goku survived the explosion and was training on another planet, learning the Shunkanidou in the process. Vegeta decided to train in space, and everything was safe on Earth for now. One year later Freeza is put back together in a robotic form by his father, King Cold. They arrive on Earth with an army, all hope is lost by the Z warriors, even Vegeta thinks so when he was revived by the DragonBalls. Suddenly, a teenager comes out of nowhere, beats the stuff out of Freeza. Not only that, he is a Saiyan! Turing Super Saiyan, he kills Freeza and King Cold with his sword easily. All he says is that he is waiting for Son Goku, then Son Goku appears out of nowhere. Son Goku tells of his troubles and also demonstrates his new teleportation technique. The teenager says that his name is Trunks. He is also the son of Bulma and Vegeta! He is from the future and comes back in time to warn the Z warriors of androids that will terrorize the world in three years. Trunks also says that Son Goku will die from a heart disease. Trunks though has brought medicine for him. Trunks says that he will come back in three years to fight the androids. Now the Z warriors must train for the androids arriving in three years.