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Name: Ii-Shenlong
Eyes: Red
Hair: None
Skin: White
Abilities: Bukujutsu
Ii-Shenlong is born from the 1 Star Dragon Ball. Near the end of Dragon Ball GT, he fuses with all seven of the Dragon Balls to become the most powerful of the Evil Shenlongs. He gives Goku and Vegeta the greatest fight of their lives, and forces them to fuse into SSJ4 Gogeta. Ii-Shenlong proves his great power quite conclusively by lasting 20 minutes with Gogeta, at which time the fusion wears off and it's back to Goku and Vegeta. He is the only enemy in the entire Dragon Ball legacy to accomplish that feat (Fat Gogeta does not count). However, Ii-Shelong stubborn refusal to expire comes to an end when he is destroyed by Goku's Spirit Bomb.

Name: Ryan-Shenlong
Eyes: Unknown
Hair: None
Skin: Green, Yellow
Abilities: Bukujutsu
Ryan-Shenlong spawns from the 2 Star Dragon Ball when Pora was wished back from the dead. This evil Dragon is associated with water pollution. Like his fellow Evil Shenlongs, this dragon puts up a very good fight but is overtaken and killed by the great Saiyan Goku.

Name: Suu-Shenlong
Eyes: Red-Orange
Hair: None
Skin: Red-Orange
Abilities: Bukujutsu
Suu-Shenlong is the Evil Shenlong born from the 4 Star Dragon Ball when Kami wished for his full power to be restored. This Evil Shenlong is associated with the sun and fire. Just like his other homefries, Suu-Shenlong beats up Goku for a while before the Saiyan hero cripples him. Even after taking this devastating blow, Suu-Shenlong somehow keeps on kicking, but is killed by Ii-Shenron when he refuses to double-team Goku.

Name: Uu-Shenlong
Eyes: Black
Hair: None
Skin: Pink, Light Tan
Abilities: Bukujutsu
Uu-Shenlong is the massive spawn of the 5 Star Dragon Ball when the wish was made to revive Goku for the fight with Vegeta and Nappa. The biggest of the Evil Shenlongs, Uu- henlong puts up quite a battle. His power to manipulate electricity proved to be quite a weapon against the Z Warriors, but just like all the other Evil Shenlong, he was overtaken and destroyed by Goku.

Name: Ryuu-Shenlong
Eyes: Purple
Hair: None
Skin: Pale Blue
Abilities: Bukujutsu
Ryuu-Shenlong is the manifestation of the 6 Star Dragon Ball when Oolong makes his ambitious wish for a pair of panties. Ryuu-Shenlong is associated with hurricanes and storms. He is killed by Goku just like the other Shenlongs.