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Three years passed since Trunks' arrival. A lot has changed since then, Trunks from the future is now called Miari Trunks since Chibi Trunks is born, and Vegeta joins the Z warriors, but having the same attitude. Miari Trunks arrives from the future to find that there is another android, Android #16. The androids in Miari Trunks' timeline are #17 and #18. Also the creator, Dr. Gero, turns himself into Android #20. He is easily defeated by Vegeta who learns how to turn Super Saiyan during his training. Right before he dies, he issues the final command for Android #22 (Cell).Cell is made of single cells from the strongest warriors in the univerese. Cell breaks out of his test tube and seeks to absorb #17 and #18. When Cell finally absorbs the androids, he turns into Perfect Cell. No one can offer a challange so he starts thinking of all the fights as games (Thus somes the title, Cell Game). Cell later announces that he will hold a tournament to the warriors that think they can defeat him. The tournament begins. First, a fighter from Earth, who is really a coward that takes all the credit and is really weak, Mr. Satan. He gets defeated easily by on slap from Cell. Then, Son Goku fights with Cell, the battle ends with the winner Son Goku. But Cell gets so mad that he self-destructs to blow up the whole Solar System. Goku quickly teleports the both of them to a safe distance, Kaiosama's Planet. Both Kaiosama and Goku die.Everyone was sad, but the battle wasn't over yet, Cell somehow regenerated from just one cell from his body, and decides to take Gohan as his next challenger. He tries to piss off Gohan so that he will be more challenging. The plan works when he creates seven Baby Cells who kills his friends. And he kills Miari Trunks with a surpise attack. Gohan gets pushed off the edge and powers up and reaches SSJ2, then Cell realizes that he overdid it. Gohan defeats the Baby Cells with just one kick to each of them. Son Gohan starts to attack Cell. As the battle goes on, Gohan's right arm gets crippled. He creates a Kamehameha, Cell than creates his own Kamehameha. The stalemate is broken only with the encouragement of his dead father. Son Gohan overpowers Cell and kills him with only one arm! Everyone is wished back to life except Son Goku because he was already wished back to life once. But Goku was proud of his son and watched over him in the heavens, while King Kaiosama kept on yelling at Goku for bringing Cell to his planet. Miari Trunks later returns to his own time and kills the future Androids and Cell.